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Consultation Packages

Effectively Advocate           Strategize to Resolve         Zealousy Litigate if Necessary

Effectively Advocate

Strategize to Resolve

Zealousy Litigate if Necessary

Welcome to the Law Office of Devon Rios a Professional Law Corporation. I'm Devon, your go-to special education attorney in California!

If you're looking for holistic representation you've come to the right place. Whether you are a beginner looking for the basics, a seasoned IEP parent looking for serious strategic planning or need a lawyer with a proven track record in litigation - I got you. 

I enjoy working with parents who are eager to learn, committed to the process, and realistic about the outcomes of litigation.

I firmly believe that being proactive, strategic, and well-supported leads to success.

I work with families who understand an attorney is an investment. I'll stand by your side for the long haul, fully committed to your child's success.

I am detailed, and strategic and I get results. That means my clients need to be patient, follow my lead, and trust the process. If this doesn't sound appealing - I have plenty of referrals for you. 

I can't wait to get started on your team. 

With Love and Gratitude, 
Devon Rios

Consultation Packages


Choose a consultation package that fits your budget and goals. Each package offers different levels of legal expertise, customizable letter templates, and most importantly, a strategic action plan. You will walk away with concrete written next steps and educational resources that arm you with the tools and actions necessary to get your child's needs met.

The Quick



15 minutes 

Pick my legal brain on anything related to special education.

Have a quick question about your rights? 

Is this legal? 

Do I need a lawyer?  


Let's Talk




45 minutes 

Action Plan to include next steps based on a review of your current IEP, assessments, and any 1 additional concern stated during the call. 

Letter Templates

Referrals & Resources as appropriate 



Let's Talk




60 minutes 

Action Plan to include next steps based on a review of your current IEP, assessments, and any 2 additional concern stated during the call. 

Letter Templates

Referrals & Resources as appropriate 



Let's Talk

Special Education



90 minutes 

Action Plan to include next steps based on a review of your current IEP, assessments, and any 2 additional concerns stated during the call. 

Decision on whether to proceed with due process.

Letter Templates

Referrals & Resources as appropriate  

Let's Talk


Need a referral for a case related to Regional Center, Personal Injury, or bullying? Complete the form and we will gladly send referrals.


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Do I Qualify for a Free Due Process Consultation? 

Have you exhausted the IEP process for your child with special education needs? Do you have a dispute with the school district that needs formal legal representation before the California Office of Administrative Hearings? You may qualify for a 30 minute no cost due process consultation. Please fill out the form to take the quiz.

The Blueprint Annual Membership


Need an affordable attorney in your corner for the entire school year? Join our exclusive annual membership and get the benefit of having an attorney in your corner for IEPs, the assessment process and any other curveballs the school year might bring.

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Courses for Self Advocacy


Not quite prepared for legal counsel, or unsure where to begin?

Introducing, Unspoken Rules: IEP Nuts and Bolts. If you're a parent interested in self-advocacy training for special education rights but not yet ready for an attorney consultation, our self-led courses offer a flexible and informative option

Learn More
Managing Emotions

Discover effective strategies for managing your emotions during an Individualized Education Program meeting.

Getting Organized

Find out which records are essential for the Individualized Education Program process and how to best organize them.

Understanding the Legal Standard

Gain a foundational understanding of what a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is and why it is critical to building a solid IEP.

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